100 simple present tense sentences

you will find all kinds of simple present tense sentences in this post. such as a affirmative sentences, negative sentences, interrogative sentences, interrogative negative sentence, double interrogative sentences.
simple present tense sentences

see all simple present tense sentences.

  1. I wake at 6’o clock.
  2. I have my break fast around 9 AM.
  3. you do not work hard.
  4. do you go to school?
  5. when does he come back at home?
  6. He does not clever.
  7. she cleans room.
  8. does it eat biscuit?
  9. do they not play games?
  10. I do not go to gym.
  11. does she not clean room?
  12. do you use mobile?
  13. they do not use T.V.
  14. they play football.
  15. does he not play cricket.
  16. do i run in ground?
  17. they do not run in ground.
  18. we go to cinema.
  19. we do not go to school.
  20. does he speak English?
  21. she speaks Gujarati in Gujarat.
  22. does it not eat biscuit?
  23. they go to school everyday.
  24. we have my lunch around 9 PM
  25. they like reading book
  26. he does not like dance.
  27. she likes dance.
  28. do you like party dance?
  29. does it sleep mid night?
  30. he brushes his teeth every morning.
  31. they do not make food.
  32. he teaches science.
  33. i sleep at 10 PM.
  34. do you live in India?
  35. does he not live in his country?
  36. they go to america for picnic.
  37. do we not go for picnic?
  38. it hates water.
  39. does it like a milk?
  40. she wash her face in the morning.
  41. does she write a latter?
  42. they do not write a lesson.
  43. he looks very handsome.
  44. she looks very beautiful.
  45. i do not look handsome.
  46. she sings a song.
  47. we do not cook every day.
  48. Cat likes a milk.
  49. does dog not like a milk?
  50. they do not like ice-cream.
  51. dose she like buttermilk?
  52. i do not think about you.
  53. they play online games.
  54. do we not like a investment?
  55. does he use computer?
  56. i do not use computer.
  57. they do not go to Paris.
  58. you clean your hospital.
  59. he starts gym yesterday.
  60. i swim every morning.
  61. she does not swim in evening.
  62. i do not like a tea.
  63. my brother likes a tea.
  64. she likes offline games.
  65. does it not like its dress?
  66. when do you come back at home.
  67. where do you go.
  68. my dog runs very fast.
  69. do you see bitch?
  70. i do not have money.
  71. do they play basket ball?
  72. she wants marriage.
  73. my sister works at home.
  74. my brother does not work at home.
  75. does she work?
  76. we catch the bus every morning.
  77. do i catch bus?
  78. do you go to college?
  79. she does not see movie.
  80. does he catch his bus?
  81. we live in village.
  82. My brother asks  me.
  83. does it play tennis.
  84. do you love her?
  85. i like you.
  86. i have my dinner around at 10 PM
  87. i go to Chennai.
  88. does Sonal play basket ball?
  89. you do not drink coffee every morning.
  90. Mary enjoy holiday.
  91. he does not drive car.
  92. does she ride bicycle?
  93. they do not speak english.
  94. she talks her roommates.
  95. i do not attend my exam.
  96. they sing song.
  97. does she not love cat?
  98. they love animal
  99. we do not sing a song.
  100. she attends her class.
This is 100 simple present tense sentences.all sentences is very simple sentence. You use daily this simple present tense sentences
simple present tense are uses to denote for repeated actions, habits and routine.