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computer shortcuts key pdf
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More than a hundred computers are used today. Nowadays it has become necessary for everyone to have knowledge about computer. In order to use the computer well, you need to know about the computer’s shortcut key.

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  • Windows 10 general shortcut keys
 Windows logo keyOpen or close the Start menu.
 Win + R Run a command.
 Win + E Open File-Explore (Quick Action).
 Win + I Open the setting app
 Win + X Open the advance menu.
 Win + TAP Open the task view.
 CTRL + C Copy the selected item.
 CTRL + X Cut the selected item.
 CTRL + V paste the selected item.
 CTRL + Win + FSearch for computer.
  • Browser shortcut keys
 CTRL+T –New tab
 CTRL+N –New window
 CTRL+SHIFT+N –New incognito window
 CTRL+J –Download menu
 CTRL+T –Delete and open history
 Ctrl+SHIFT+DELETEDelete all browser data
 Ctrl+D –bookmark page
 Ctrl+SHIFT+T –Restore last close tab
 CTRL+F –Find

  • Command Prompt keyboard shortcuts
 Ctrl + C –Copy the selected text.
 Ctrl + V –Paste the selected text
 Ctrl + M –Enter Mark mode.
 Ctrl + Home (Mark mode) –  Move the cursor to the beginning of the buffer
 Alt + selection key –Begin selection in block mode.
 Arrow keys –Move the cursor in the direction specified
 Ctrl + End – If the command line is empty,
 Ctrl + Up arrow- Move up one line in the output history.
 Page up –Move the cursor by one page up.
 Page down –Move the cursor by one page down.




  • Windows Explorer Shortcuts keys
 Alt + D –Select the address bar.
 Ctrl + E –Select the search box.
 End –Display the bottom of the active window.
 Ctrl + F –Select the search box.
 Alt+ Enter-Open the Properties dialog box for the selected item.
 Ctrl + N –Open a new window.
 Alt + P –Display the preview panel.
 Ctrl + W-Close the active window.
 Ctrl + Shift + N – Create a new folder.
 Backspace –View the previous folder.
Computer Shortcut Keys

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