Learn about Simple present tense

simple present tense is the most used tense. example of simple present tense, rules of simple present tense, uses of simple present tense, sentences of simple present tense are us follows.
simple present tense
  • when is simple present tense uses :-
simple present tense are uses to denote for habits, repeated actions and routine.
simple present tense example for habits:-
  1. I eat fish only.
simple present tense example for repeated action :-
  1. they go to Goa daily.
simple present tense example for routine :-
  1. I wake up at 7’o clock
  • rules of simple present tense :-

rules for affirmative sentence :-

I/ we/ you/theyverbobjectother word
example :- 
  1. I clean room daily

he/she/itverbs/esobjectother word

example :-
  1.  he cleans room daily

rules for negative sentence :-

notverbobjectiveother word

example of negative simple present tense :-
  1. I do not eat an apple.
  2. She does not drive car.

rules present tense for interrogative sentence :-

do/doessubjectverbobjectother word

example of interrogative simple present tense :-
  1. do you eat an apple.
  2. does it eat a biscuit.

rules for double interrogative sentence :-

whdo/doessubjectverbobjectother word

example of double interrogative simple present tense :-
  1. who eats an apple daily.
  2. who goes to school daily.

10  sentences

  1. I wake at 6’o clock
  2. I brush my teeth and wash my mouth.
  3. He comes to school every day.
  4. they do not play cricket.
  5. do you go to picnic.
  6. when do you come back at home.
  7. she does not come at college.
  8. they write a latter.
  9. who comes office.
  10. do they play football.
you can read 10 simple present tense sentences. i will bring such simple present tense sentences in another post.