100 present continuous tense sentences or present continuous tense examples.

you will find all kinds of present continuous tense sentences or present continuous tense examples in this post. such as affirmative sentences, negative sentences, interrogative sentences, interrogative negative sentences, and double interrogative sentences.
present continuous tense sentences

you should check out all present continuous tense sentences or present continuous tense examples for learning English.

I have shared more than 100 present continuous tense sentences or present continuous tense examples
  • all present continuous tense sentences or present continuous tense examples.

  1. she is cleaning her school.
  2. who is cleaning her school?
  3. he is coming from to school.
  4. we are playing the football.
  5. you are going to school.
  6. i am copying in exam.
  7. you are coming late in tution classes.
  8. he is dancing his home.
  9. why are they coming late?
  10. what are you doing?
  11. they are destroying there PC
  12. i am not coming to your village.
  13. where is he coming at my home.
  14. he is living his home.
  15. we are working hard.
  16. you are not playing cricket.
  17. is he playing football?
  18. they are writing there home work.
  19. he is looking a smart.
  20. she is not looking bad.
  21. are you not interesting in this game?
  22. where are you living?
  23. i am not working hard.
  24. are you reading a news paper?
  25. i am playing a online game.
  26. she is drawing a lion.
  27. they are doing workout.
  28. i am not doing workout. 
  29. i am downloading my favorite song.
  30. when are you going?
  31. she is learning English.
  32. it is eating its food.
  33. they are coming at my home.
  34. what are you doing now?
  35. he is clearing his office.
  36. you are completing your home work. 
  37. he is going to school.
  38. i am not coming to your home.
  39. he is not cleaning his school.
  40. they are cleaning hospital.
  41. she is not working hard.
  42. is he working hard?
  43. we are attending friend’s birth day party.
  44. A man is calling the Ambulance.
  45. i am giving a money.
  46. you are playing a games.
  47. why is he going to school?
  48. what is he doing?
  49. they are calling police.
  50. who is writing lesson?
  51. she is writing the lesson.
  52. i am facing a lot problem.
  53. we are enjoying party.
  54. they are not fighting 
  55. all students are preparing for exam.
  56. i am not downloading any file.
  57. am i copying his.
  58. they are dancing on the stage.
  59. were is she dancing?
  60. the boys are clapping for her.
  61. what are we doing?
  62. she is talking Amazing.
  63. she is clapping for her self.
  64. he is asking the question.
  65. he is talking about my self.
  66. is he asking you?
  67. the girls are talking for about college.
  68. are they calling police?
  69. dog are fighting with other dog.
  70. jack is watching a T-20 series.
  71. he is comedies in comedy show.
  72. what is he doing in comedy show?
  73. the musician is playing a guitar.
  74. jack is not understanding some Maths topic.
  75. mother is making dinner for us.
  76. the station master is announcing the arrival bus.
  77. i am brushing my teeth every morning.
  78. who is brushing teeth every morning?
  79. the farmer is working hard.
  80. the manager is calling workers.
  81. the workers are making a car design.
  82. why are workers making car design?
  83. the father is wearing a new cloths.
  84. tom is talking his brother.
  85. why are they talking?
  86. this is not understanding.
  87. i am telling about Indian army.
  88. she is very shining girl.
  89. i am talking about her self.
  90. why are you talking about me?
  91. they are not understanding my situation.
  92. he is not cleaning his room.
  93. when is he cleaning his room?
  94. my father buying T-Shirt for me.
  95. she is talking about me.
  96. is he playing foot ball.
  97. i am not interesting in your scheme.
  98. the students are going picnic in holiday.
  99. i am not going picnic with my friend.
  100. why am i not going picnic.
this is 100 present continuous tense sentences or present continuous tense examples. it is very easy and short. so you can learn easily English.