Learn about present continuous tense:-

present continuous tense is used sometimes. you can learn on this website page.
  • when present continuous tense uses.:-
It is used to indicating when an action is in progress.
  1. I am playing online games.
  2. you are going to Mumbai.
  3. he is going to school.
  4. it is eating a biscuit.
present continuous tense
  • rules of present continuous tense:-

rules for affirmative sentence.

subjectis/am/arev1ingobjectother word


  1. i am singing a song.
  2. you are drinking water.

rules  for negative sentence.



  1. he is not going to hospital.
  2. she is not drinking water.

rules of for interrogative sentence.


  1. am i coming at home?
  2. are you going to school?

rules of for interrogative negative sentence.


  1. am i not coming at home?
  2. are you not going to school?

rules of for double interrogative sentences.


  1. when am i coming at home?
  2. why are you going to school?
  • example of present continuous tense.
  1. The boys are playing cricket after school.
  2. why is he not doing his work/
  3. she is working on the computer.
  4. children are playing football.
  5. the man is talking on his mobile phone.
  6. i am eating a food.
  7. they are playing football.
  8. the teacher is teaching Maths.
  9. she is watching action movies.
  10. the teacher is reading a book.
  11. you are living in India.
  12. they are going to school.
  13. we are doing the right work.
  14. i am learning Hindi.
  15. why are you going to school?
  16. they are speaking in English.
  17. are you starting a speaking in English?
  18. tom is learning English grammar.
  19. i am taking breakfast.
  20. i am training to become a softer engineer
you can read 20 examples. I will bring such sentences in another post. so you can see another post on my web page.