What is present perfect tense:

An action that is completed within 5 hours of the current is called a present perfect tense.
present perfect tense and present perfect tense examples

When present perfect tense uses:

present perfect tense is used to indicate an action that has been completed like:
  1. I have completed my all tasks.
  2. Have you finished your homework?
  3. He has gone to his village.
  4. The bus has reached to the bus stand.

Rules of present perfect tense.

Affirmative sentence

subjecthave/hasv3objectother words

  1. I have written a letter.
  2. She has gone her uncle home.

Negative sentence



  1. I have not written a latter.
  2. she has not gone her uncle home.

Interrogative sentence



  1. Have I written a latter?
  2. Has she gone her uncle home?

Interrogative negative sentence

  1. Have I not written a latter?
  2. Has she not gone her uncle home?

Double Interrogative sentence

  1. Why have I written a latter?
  2. When has she gone her uncle home?

Example of present perfect tense

  1. I have gone to school.
  2. You have written a homework.
  3. She has completed her all task.
  4. I have not worked on computer.
  5. The bus has reached to the bus stand.
  6. Have you gone to your shop?
  7. Has it eaten a biscuit?
  8. Have they played a cricket?
  9. I have finished my all work.
  10. We have completed our team work.
  11. She has reached her uncle home.
  12. You have not watched a action movie.
  13. He has broken a heart.
  14. Has it bitten an apple?
  15. When have I written a book?
This is rules and all example of present perfect tense. you can write in a note so after you can use this example for learning present perfect tense. I will published 100+ sentences of present perfect tense in next post so you can check my next post.