Top 10 Best Real-Time Application Of C++ And Use Of Application.

Application of cpp

Application Of C++

1) Operating Systems

Most of the operating systems in the world were developed using C++. like Microsoft Windows to macOS to Linux. C++ is a strongly typed fast programming language that gives it an upper hand over other languages for developing various OS.

2) GUI Based Applications

C++ was also used in developing most of the GUI (Graphical User Interface) applications that we use regularly. Most of the applications from Adobe such as Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. are developed using C++.

3) Database Software

Features like file handling, speed along OOP concepts like classes, objects, functions, and reliability makes C++ a preferable scripting language for developing this database software. And Postgres and MySQL – two of the most widely used databases are written in C++ and C, the precursor to C++.

4) Browsers

Web browsers need to be fast in execution as people do not like to wait for their web pages to be loaded. This is why most browsers are developed in C++ for rendering purposes. C++ supported all the major browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla (Firefox and Thunderbird), Safari, Opera, and many more.

5) Graphics

C++ has high performance and speed which comes in handy for making applications that require 3D animation, modeling, image processing, and real-time simulations. It is beneficial to use C++ as a back-end programming language for all the graphics applications that require faster loading and minimum rendering, just like in browsers.

6) Libraries

Hence C++ is the core programming language used by most libraries. C++ is faster than most other programming languages and also supports multithreading with concurrency. Thus in Applications where speed along with concurrency is required, C++ is the most sought-after language for development.

7) Cloud/Distributed Systems

Cloud storage systems that are used extensively need to work closer to the hardware. This makes C++ the default choice for implementing cloud storage systems. Large organizations that develop cloud storage systems and other distributed systems also use C++ because it connects very well with the hardware and is compatible with a lot of machines.

8) Games

As C++ is closer to the hardware, its speed and faster execution help game developers utilize the CPU for thorough and intensive purposes. It can easily manipulate resources and can override the complexities of 3D games and multiplayer networking.

9) Compilers

Compilers of various high-level programming languages are written either in C or C++. The reason is that both C and C++ are low-level languages that are close to hardware and are able to program and manipulate the underlying hardware resources. C++ also helped in developing a range of compilers including Dev-C++, Apple C++, Clang C++, and MINGW.

10) Banking Applications

Banking applications process millions of transactions on a daily basis and require high concurrency and low latency support. One of the most important banking applications – Infosys Finacle is in C++.