In this article, we will discuss what difference between java and c++.

Java is a true object-oriented language while C++ is basically C with an object-oriented extension. That is what exactly the increment operator ++indicates C++ has maintained backward compatibility with C.

java vs cpp

it is therefore possible to write an old-style C program and run it successfully under C++. Java appears to be similar to C++ when we consider only the extension part of C++

However, some object-oriented features of C++ make the C++ code extremely difficult to follow and maintain. Listed below are some major C++ features that were intentionally omitted from Java or significantly modified

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difference between java and c++

Java does not support operator overloadingC++ supports operator overloading
Java does not have template classes as in C++C++ has template classes
Java does not support multiple inheritances of classes. java support interfaces as multiple inheritancesC++ supports multiple inheritances of classes. C++ does not support interfaces
Java does not support global variables. Every variable and method is declared within a class and forms part of that class.C++ supports global variables.
Java does not use pointers.C++ uses pointers.
Java has replaced the destructor function with a finalize() function.C++ has the destructor function.
There are no header files in Java.There are header files in C++.
difference between java and c++

Java also adds some new features. While C++. is a superset of C, Java is neither a superset nor a subset of C or C++, Java may be considered as a first cousin of C++ and a second cousin of C as illustrated.