prerequisites for learning node js :

Basic simple question for all the beginner node js developers: What should be learned before learning node js?

prerequisites for node js

list of Prerequisites for node js

1. Understanding JavaScript:

  • Javascript is a basic Prerequisites for node js. before starting node js you must know basic javascript.
  • must be needed for Basic Javascript (Advanced Javascript will be a bonus).
  • NodeJs is nothing but JavaScript running on the server. it means NodeJS is javascript but the difference is before NodeJS we run javascript on the Browser. and after NodeJS we run javascript on the Server.
  • cover key concepts like variables, data types, control structures, functions, and objects.
  • use resources and platforms to learn Javascript.

2. Asynchronous Programming:

  • you have some knowledge about the event-driven and non-blocking (meaning it efficiently handles multiple tasks simultaneously) nature of Node.js.
  • you have an idea like callbacks, Promises, and async/await.

3. Node.js Basics:

  • you should have a basic knowledge of npm (Node Package Manager) in managing dependencies.

4. ES5 & ES6 | ECMAScript 6:

  • you should have some knowledge of ECMAScript. The ECMAScript’s role is to better JavaScript. it means updating the code JavaScript.

5. Client-Server Model (Optional):

  • client-server models are an optional part of learning before node js.
  • you can create your own server on NodeJS. In PHP you work with Apache Server because Apache is an in-built server. but if you work with NodeJs so you can make your own server.
  • before create your own server you should have an idea of HTTP & HTTPS, GET & POST.

6. HTTP Protocol and RESTful APIs:

  • clear fundamentals of the HTTP protocol.
  • you should have and basic knowledge of RESTful APIs. it means like you make a web application and you add the concept of multi language so you can use Google Translate API, etc…

7. Basic Command Usage:

  • you have an idea of basic command like if you can check the version of NodeJS so write the command: node -v.